Doing forty things by forty

I have a little list...


Indeed I have been for a whole month now. And this blog has run its course. Come see me over elsewhere….


that there is possibly a need for a huge big catch up here, at some point. Like the decision to *not* attempt Edinburgh this year. And although that was never formally on ‘the list’ it ended up there, as an adjustment to something that wasn’t ever likely to happen because… well, it ceased to have a meaning or a need or a purpose behind it once I started living ‘true to myself’. Knowing, developing and, well, being, me, being the entire point of the whole exercise. It really has been.

(for example: this would be no 20. I’ve yet to do no. 24 either. Would someone like to have me as a guest??)

Isn’t it great the things we learn about ourselves when we are madly procrastinating with regard to actually *living*…

More TV

Spent a happy hour yesterday as one of those there talking heads, for a programme for BBCThree. I await the outcome with (prurient) interest!

I did it!

I wrote a whole million words.

Not amazing, not wonderful (although some are sublime), but done and all mine. There have been articles, journalling, short stories, thought pieces, advice columns, recipes, jokes (hmmm make that some jokes and a lot of misses), drinks, drama, lots of research and wordplay, public speaking, and the outlines and beginnings (and one ending) of possibly 3 or 4 book length things…

…Those I will be bringing in to the new year.

Along with a couple of talks I’m listed to present;

and a whole blooming-heck-what-am-I-doing-oh-sod-it-lets-see-if-I-can-do-this-and-put-on-a Show.

Wahey. So, I suppose that that is the unofficial no. 41 ticked off now.

Off to work out what is left :-)

Nearly the end of the year…

still doing things.

Last night I sat door for a gig. (no. 7)

and I’m nearly done with the Million Word Challenge I was set way back nearly a year ago.

I’m not entirely sure what number that falls into. probably no. 41 :-)

No.42 of course being next summer… the challenge to end all in so many ways…