Doing forty things by forty

I have a little list...

More TV

Spent a happy hour yesterday as one of those there talking heads, for a programme for BBCThree. I await the outcome with (prurient) interest!

I did it!

I wrote a whole million words.

Not amazing, not wonderful (although some are sublime), but done and all mine. There have been articles, journalling, short stories, thought pieces, advice columns, recipes, jokes (hmmm make that some jokes and a lot of misses), drinks, drama, lots of research and wordplay, public speaking, and the outlines and beginnings (and one ending) of possibly 3 or 4 book length things…

…Those I will be bringing in to the new year.

Along with a couple of talks I’m listed to present;

and a whole blooming-heck-what-am-I-doing-oh-sod-it-lets-see-if-I-can-do-this-and-put-on-a Show.

Wahey. So, I suppose that that is the unofficial no. 41 ticked off now.

Off to work out what is left :-)

Nearly the end of the year…

still doing things.

Last night I sat door for a gig. (no. 7)

and I’m nearly done with the Million Word Challenge I was set way back nearly a year ago.

I’m not entirely sure what number that falls into. probably no. 41 :-)

No.42 of course being next summer… the challenge to end all in so many ways…

No. 22

I concentrated on taking alcohol courses - the short ones at the lovely Imbibe show, an annual trade fare for those interested or working in the Licensed and alcohol trade(s).

A brilliant time was had (even by the thumb I’m still healing over a week later - it was bloody and I ended up with Two of those lovely blue plasters. Boy can those things staunch a flow :-)

There are more details over at:

No. 7

On possibly one of the hottest days of the year, I think I lucked out - an air conditioned recording studio in Wembley (it has its own skate park), a half dozen lovely ladies, and a tres cute studio engineer to guide us all in the mysteries of recording the gentleman (guitar and vocal) duo he had borrowed for us to practise on…  all whilst The Killers did their soundcheck at the stadium nearby :-)  There was even *real* coffee. A complete bargain of a course, presented by Gaggle and titled ‘Studio Sound Engineering for Woman’.

I’ve been left *needing* a copy of protools, a clutch of new microphones and a general longing (again) to record and sing and do the studio thing (I love setting up microphones and getting the balances right and all that sort of stuff). But best of all is a reminder that I haven’t forgotten it all for <mumble> years ago, I just need to practise. Lots.

And the links to watch, for when they do it all again :-)

(or like their facebook page )

If you are in need of a lovely place to record :-)

No pictures to embed, as tumblr isn’t playing ball today. I’ll come back and add some later.