Doing forty things by forty

I have a little list...

The List

The List

In no particular order…

 1. (redacted)

 2. Do the Four Hour Body

 3. Join Twitter

 4. Knit a Pair of Socks

 5. Get a Tattoo

 6. Learn to Pierce

 7. Find (ha!) my True Profession

 8. Make a (redacted) Film

 9. Do Stand Up

10. Wear a Ballgown to the Shops

11. Raise a Sum for Charity

12. Wear All White for a day

13. Go to an F1 GP/Qualifying

14. Write a Sidepodcast Daily Post

15. Try Roller Derby

16. Go on a rallying or similar driving course

17. Put on an Art Exhibition

18. Burlesque or Pole Dance

19. Write a (published) Book

20. …something romantic TBC

21. Watch all of Buffy The Vampire Slayer

22. &

23. Food and Drink learning (choice to be made from Tea, Coffee, Chocolate etc)

24. Make a Podcast

25. A FF person or link every Friday until birthday!

26. Grow Seasonal Veg - each Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

27. Bake a different Cake each month for a Year with a seasonal ingredient

28. Inspire Blog Envy

29. Read Aloud from a favourite book at a Location in that book.

30. Get a mention (again!) on someone elses podcast

31. Learn to DJ (not radio) and do it

32. Compose something, Write something, possibly to Performance

33. Take a Long Walk

34. Become a Trustee (or Magistrate, or Member of a Board of Directors

35. Car free, on foot or bike, For 30 consecutive Days

36. Take a Weekly Self Portrait (or have taken)

37. Learn a new-to-me Instrument - The Theremin!

38. Learn to Swordfight

39. Wear Hats. 12 by the end of the year. To reflect aspects of my personality.

40. TBD

The long list was over 200….